Customise Your Customer Engagement

Using Guppy as a foundation, we layer on additional modifiers to develop a new communication channel that caters to your needs.

Are customers ignoring your marketing campaigns?

Are your followers dropping off or losing interest due to inactivity?

Having difficulty in promoting your goals to your community?

Together, we can build your community engagement using Guppy!

Our Services include:

Segmentation Strategies

We provide guidance to help you better understand the composition of your community.

Workflow Automation

We help you to streamline your processes so that you can focus on the important details.

Data Transformation

We facilitate the consolidation of your community’s touchpoints into your preferred format.

  • Gain a channel to listen to the wants of your community.

  • Satisfy your members with your personalised promotions.

  • Convert browsers to supporters with relevant messaging.

  • Create automated communication flows and call-to-actions.

  • Learn and adapt to the trends of your market and audience.

Get started with Guppy

Add a personal touch to your engagement. Communicate with your community on a meaningful level.
  • Cultivate your community data

  • Segment and target individually

  • Automate and optimize promotions

  • Design real-time connections