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Is Guppy a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?2020-12-17T09:26:28+00:00

Guppy is a marketing solution that shares many similar tools to CRM systems but focuses on pioneering a new channel for you to reach out to your customers directly using an instant messaging platform.

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Is Guppy a type of chatbot system?2020-12-17T09:23:11+00:00

While not a chatbot engine, Guppy combines chatbots and machine learning with a content management and distribution dashboard to better broadcast your marketing campaigns and engage your audience.

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What platforms can Guppy be used for?2020-12-17T09:19:27+00:00

We recommend Guppy for your Telegram channels and your websites. Guppy can also be used for your mobile CRM apps, but you would need to invest in our services to build and maintain the app features.

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Why does Guppy use an instant messaging platform to engage customers ?2020-12-17T09:17:59+00:00

Given the popularity and simplicity of messaging systems to communicate globally, instant messaging platforms are more ideal than other mediums to effectively reach millions of users.

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Why does Guppy use Telegram instead of other messaging systems?2020-12-17T09:16:17+00:00

To better manage your marketing spending, Guppy supports Telegram because it is an open-sourced secured platform that allows for free broadcasting of your content any time you want it.

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What are the benefits of using chatbots?2020-12-17T09:11:57+00:00

Chatbots would allow you to simultaneously and cost-effectively handle multiple queries from your community 24/7, thus increasing customer satisfaction with prompt action.

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How does Guppy use chatbots?2020-12-17T09:07:50+00:00

Guppy seeks to understand customer intent during conversations by using chatbots powered by machine learning. We help you to craft your conversational scripts and train the chatbots to meet your goals. 

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Why is community engagement important?2020-12-17T08:55:33+00:00

Community engagement builds loyalty and prevents members from feeling ignored. Guppy helps you to keep your brand active, subsequently creating advocates and fueling goodwill among your communities.

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What is programmatic content marketing?2020-12-17T08:53:30+00:00

Guppy uses this approach to focus on sending the right message, to the right audience at the right time, with the right value. All the while, measuring your customers’ responses and therefore affinity towards certain content.

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What is the purpose of profiling and segmentation?2020-12-17T08:52:36+00:00

Guppy allows you to analyze the intrinsic behaviours that govern multiple clusters within your communities in order to broadcast relevant messages to members with similar characteristics, as well as onboard new members.

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How does Guppy make engagement easier?2020-12-17T08:51:56+00:00

Guppy offers bi-directional conversational marketing, just-in-time or time-sensitive promotions, longitudinal studies of your communities, automated routines and deep personalisation to increase engagement rates.

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When should I start engaging my community?2020-12-17T08:46:15+00:00

The community lifecycle has four stages, namely: Inception, Establishment, Maturity and Mitosis. Each stage requires its own type of engagement strategy, and it is never too late or early to start using Guppy to fit that need.

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Who should use Guppy?2020-12-17T08:44:30+00:00

Guppy can be customised to fit your diverse needs. Businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, associations, social enterprises, schools, care providers and more can use Guppy to supplement their outreach efforts.

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