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Take Charge of Your Community Engagement

We are Guppy, a real-time customer data platform with advanced predictive analytics capabilities.

You may pour your heart into designing great products and services, but success comes only when outreach pulls in demand.

Yet, cluttered social media platforms have made it difficult to grab people’s attention.

We seek to establish a new channel of communication.

Join us to unlock the power of programmatic content marketing.

Right Audience,

Right Message,

Right Time

Right Audience,

Right Message,

Right Time

Onboard, Engage and Retain

  • Guppy is a content management solution that allows for easy curation and sharing of content to build lasting relationships with your community.
  • Take charge of your engagement strategy and provide quality personalised connections with your followers through contextual messaging.

Why Use Guppy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Guppy?2020-12-17T08:44:30+00:00

Guppy can be customised to fit your diverse needs. Businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, associations, social enterprises, schools, care providers and more can use Guppy to supplement their outreach efforts.

When should I start engaging my community?2020-12-17T08:46:15+00:00

The community lifecycle has four stages, namely: Inception, Establishment, Maturity and Mitosis. Each stage requires its own type of engagement strategy, and it is never too late or early to start using Guppy to fit that need.

What is the purpose of profiling and segmentation?2020-12-17T08:52:36+00:00

Guppy allows you to analyze the intrinsic behaviours that govern multiple clusters within your communities in order to broadcast relevant messages to members with similar characteristics, as well as onboard new members.

What is programmatic content marketing?2020-12-17T08:53:30+00:00

Guppy uses this approach to focus on sending the right message, to the right audience at the right time, with the right value. All the while, measuring your customers’ responses and therefore affinity towards certain content.

Why is community engagement important?2020-12-17T08:55:33+00:00

Community engagement builds loyalty and prevents members from feeling ignored. Guppy helps you to keep your brand active, subsequently creating advocates and fueling goodwill among your communities.

Get started with Guppy

Add a personal touch to your engagement. Communicate with your community on a meaningful level.
  • Cultivate your community data

  • Segment and target individually

  • Automate and optimize promotions

  • Design real-time connections

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